Heather Harvey

I am a "Jack of all trades" artist, currently living in Vancouver, Canada. I enjoy working in a wide range of mediums and subjects, though recently I have been focusing more on my digital work.

Contact Info

 cind_rella@hotmail.com Second Life
 Punkerella Summers

For more artwork and flash games visit Emerald Activities.

Custom mural painting

I specialize in brightly coloured appealing murals for children of all ages (even the grown up kind) in a wide variety of subjects. Popular choices are animals, underwater scenes, and fantasy. Murals can also transform a backyard fence or a dark basement.

All paint used is acrylic so its fast drying and doesn't fill the house up with fumes. A clear coat of sealer can also be applied to protect your mural from small sticky fingers :)

If you live in the greater Vancouver area and you would like more information, please contact me using the information to the left.



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